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Madi Prew

Coach Prewett's Family Virtues Stack

Coach Prewett's Family Virtues Stack

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Inspired by Madison Prewett and her family - The Prew Crew Family Virtues Collection represents the importance of family and serves as a reminder of your role in that family. A family is a TEAM and each team member matters! It is so important right now to feel a sense of community and to remember that YOU have a purpose! This collection celebrates the family as a whole. Each bracelet represents important virtues: strength, loyalty, authenticity, love, and fearlessness. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to embrace these virtues and carry them with you in your daily life. 

A portion of the proceeds of the Prew Crew Family Virtues Bracelet gives back to Adullam International Ministries.


Family Virtues Bracelet (Wooden Beads) and a Strength Blessing Bracelet

  • Adjustable bracelet cording which opens to 11" diameter, closes to 7.25"
  • Silver-tone cross medal and a "faith" tag
  • Genuine hematite or amazonite gemstones, gemstones vary in color
  • Medals made in Italy
  • Each bracelet comes on an inspirational card 
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